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Broadclyst Food Share


Broadclyst Food Share has been successfully operating now since 2013.  As your gardens and allotments gear up to produce another abundance of fruit and veg here’s a reminder of the really simple way that Broadclyst Foodshare works… 


Broadclyst Food Share "how to" guide

Broadclyst Food Share is a low tech version of Freecycle for fruit and veg…

In the porch of the Church are some boxes in which you can place any surplus home grown fruit and veg you wish to share.

Then anyone who wishes can help themselves…

You get the warm fuzzy feeling of sharing and they get the warm fuzzy feeling of helping you avoid waste or taking up unnecessary space in your freezer with things that get forgotten and take up space needed for other things.

For this to work all we need is for people to share… being open to both giving and receiving!


So the boxes are there lets get sharing!


Broadclyst Food share is an idea brought into action by a group of local residents and the Parish Church it’s deliberately simple if you think it’s a good idea get involved in the sharing! Any questions contact Rev Steve tel: 01392 469499 or email Steve at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





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